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Ever thought about living in a train? Well, this site is where you buy used trains from. Or rather it has a collection of listings and it's on you to work it out from there. Council approval may be more challenging than a more conventional "house".

Blue Mountain Yurts - Versatile, Affordable Housing & Shelter Systems
Designed & Manufactured for Australia & NZ by the Colorado Yurt Company

We are Curvatecture, a natural building group dedicated to creating beautiful, ecologically sound spaces, features and architecture.

Curvatecture is our answer to the worlds desire to build a welcoming space, where each and every one of us lives harmoniously with each other and the land.

Earthship Eco Homes is an Australian sustainable design consultancy dedicated to sustainable housing the Earthship way.

Yurts are a beautiful, flexible and value for money building solution. Whether you need an extra room, a small office or a full sized home delivered and built for you, or if you prefer one of Goulburn Yurtwork's Owner Builder Kits, they have a solution for you.

Post & Beam helps people design and build a style of home that’s DEFINITELY NOT "run of the mill." Their customers come to them to build their dream home, a home as unique and individual as themselves… their homes are NOT the rectangular "soulless" boxes you so commonly see today. These dream homes include beautiful, exposed timber that make a grand impact; creating a warm, natural feeling inside the home, and a striking statement about it’s owners and their values.

Timbercrete logo

Timbercrete is a multi- award-winning environmentally sensitive masonry building product, from which is made bricks, blocks, panels and pavers. Timbercrete is made from discarded timber a waste product (containing carbon) which is sequestered in a cementitious tomb. It has a significantly improved insulation value (R) when compared to traditional clay and concrete bricks, blocks and panels.

Wide Span Shed's kit homes are perfect for the owner-builder or project manager and give you flexibility (and cash) to finish the home to your budget, taste and time frame. You have complete control of the project and you are not limited by the builder. Many of their competitors offer the full package including windows, doors, gyprock and plumbing – however, this comes at a price inflated by their additional margins.