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The #freepermaculture project is here to give access to permaculture education for people who don't have a lot of money. Brought to you by Heather Jo Flores, author/founder of Food Not Lawns and director of Permaculture Women's Guild.

Countryside Network's guide on how to raise Guinea fowl. There's lots of information on the page but the guide itself is a separate download.

Instead of putting those branches, leaves and grass clippings in bags by the curbside…build a hugel bed. Simply mound logs, branches, leaves, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, petroleum-free newspaper, manure, compost or whatever other biomass you have available, top with soil and plant your veggies.

Very to the point site with basic information about passive investing.

Protecting the Natural Environment, Growing Local Healthy Food, Building Community.

A great resource for gardening sustainably in Australia.

While heavily recommended all over the internet, this book is tailored more at people leading a conventional life on a fairly average income, which can help you get your finances sorted before you move off grid but isn't as relevant when you're already there.