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Some more specific product types are found under solar hot water, solar power and wood heating.

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Lender tailored towards lower income borrowers in SA. Depending on your circumstances, they can offer a portion of the loan interest free.

ROTA-LOO, the premier dry composting toilet system, is still the best way to handle sewage in a waterless, odourless, environmentally friendly and complete safe manner.
​ROTA-LOO is ideal for homes, farms, holiday homes, parks, remote locations and sensitive environments where septic is not an option.

It’s time to trade up. Access the $31 trillion US stock market from the palm of your hand.

Website/app to let Aussies invest directly in the US market.

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Timbercrete is a multi- award-winning environmentally sensitive masonry building product, from which is made bricks, blocks, panels and pavers. Timbercrete is made from discarded timber a waste product (containing carbon) which is sequestered in a cementitious tomb. It has a significantly improved insulation value (R) when compared to traditional clay and concrete bricks, blocks and panels.